Narelle is the Founder and Director of 'Natured Kids', an outdoor playgroup on the Mornington Peninsula. Since 2007, she has planned weekly opportunities for families and their young children to play in nature together.

Narelle is encouraging daily outdoor play for all Australians,
via the ‘Play Outside Australia’ project.

Narelle first fell in love with outdoors as a young girl, caring for pets, growing fruit and vegetables, exploring the bush near her home and playing with neighborhood friends.

Narelle believes that….
We need to give children a childhood full of direct outdoor experiences and opportunities for nature play as part of every day.
Children need to feel part of their neighborhood and be supported to play, walk and cycle safely in the communities where they live.
Educators and carers need to be confident and well resourced when working with children in their natural environments.
Children learn so much about their natural world by being in it. Rich outdoor experiences stimulate deep learning. If children are ‘nature wise’ they become environmentally aware and empowered to take action.
They grow up caring for the environment.
Parents and grandparents need to feel connected to the people and places around them and be supported to explore and share their love of outdoors with their young ones, developing confidence to allow their growing children the freedom to play in nature.

In summary, Narelle believes that everyday adventures in nature are essential for the health and wellbeing of both our children and our planet !

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Design of public spaces and naturalising our playgrounds in childcare centres, pre-schools and schools should be given high priority, to promote healthy living for our children.

As a parent, Narelle tries hard to practice what she preaches and can often be seen walking, cycling, building cubbies, picnicking and playing in her neighborhood. She camps regularly in nature with her 3 boys and husband. Narelle advocates daily nature play.

Narelle has worked in schools/pre-schools and community public places over the last 25 years, sharing her passion for the environment by helping to naturalise outdoor playspaces for children and their families to recreate in. 

Narelle runs training, workshops and presents at seminars, to inspire nature play.

Narelle thanks her parents and grandparents for sharing their love of nature with her.


Professionally, Narelle has a Batchelor Degree in Primary teaching, Certificate IV in TAA and is currently completing her Masters at Monash University.

Narelle cubby building and camping with her family in the 70's at Lake Eildon. Aged 9.


Aged 1.

Narelle’s work involves …

* Design & delivery of an outdoor playgroup
* Running workshops in nature
* Independent research
* Training
* Consultancy
* Public speaking.

Narelle aims to have a positive impact on children’s everyday lives.